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OTP will be sent to his number to verify
Expertise skills
Document required to verify
Easy, simple way of booking – just your name and contact details together with the event type – Takes just under 2 mins!!
Just 20rs / minute and you get top rated, skilled, professional and friendly photographer specialized and specific for your type of event! This includes editing images to its best and soft copy! Just don’t forget! Minimum booking time is 1hr!
You can book us with as much as 2hrs short notice! Book and relax, our photographer will be there with their professional grade equipment’s!
Our photographers are all highly talented, skilful, friendly and professional. They understand your needs and work to your satisfaction. We have photographers specialized in various fields, so that we can match them to your needs
Your safety is our priority! You are totally safe in our hands with our photographers. We run identity checks, verification checks and criminal record checks before we hire a photographer. So, they are very dependable. RELAX - You can be rest assured with us!
Prompt delivery of digital photos just within 48 hours of the event! No waiting and No stalling!
No need to worry about lost photos! We back up your photos for free!!